Gary Miller performing 'It Will Be All Right' at Whippet Records HQ, Ferryhill, Co. Durham on Saturday 6th April 2019. A brand new song at time of recording, 'It Will Be All Right' is written in honour of the great Socialist leader Peter Lee, from whom the town of Peterlee takes its name. The song is accompanied by a fabulous illustration by Gary's partner Helen Temperley - look closely and you should be able to see it on the right-hand side of the video frame. Together, they form part of one of their latest collaborative projects 'Northern Grit: The Good, The Bad and The Greedy', a travelling exhibition, recording and performance project. 
The goatee-bearded giant Over 6” tall and strong 
Like Buffalo Bill was stepping out From a book or from a song 
Held out a knarled and knotted hand As he stepped down from the train 
And I handed him a newspaper In the lashing Durham rain 
As he looked at me through wise grey eyes Great dignity shone there 
From a regal countenance Framed by locks of mossy hair 
Then reaching into pockets deep In a voice that held great range 
His words came soft and slow “That’s alright lad, keep the change” 
He spread his branches far and wide Like a mighty tree 
That shelters its community Beneath its canopy 
And with a heart of oak He planted all that he knew 
And from his deep-set roots Many precious acorns grew 
I heard he’d been a brawler Of wandering gypsy stock 
An ill-educated drunkard Built out of solid rock 
Until he clawed his way up from the rough Like an eagle taking flight 
He said “Lads, it’s knowledge that we need” Knowing it would be all right 
His education came from The University of Life 
In the pits, the States, South Africa He found that all workers’ strife 
Was just the same the whole world 'round And from gaining this insight 
‘Long Pete’ resolved to serve his class Saying, “It will be all right” 
He gave all to serve his people Asking nothing in return 
It’s a very simple lesson From which we all could learn 
With an endless reservoir of strength He laboured day and night 
For the betterment of his people Saying “it will be all right” 
The last time that I saw him His library was complete 
And his back still fit the burden Of each task he chose to meet 
To this visionary scholar I said “please don’t give up the fight” 
“Don’t worry lad”, he replied “It will be all right” 
And though Peter Lee is gone Others carry forth his flame 
Fighting deprivation In the town that bears his name 
And I sense his spirit comforting Throughout the darkening night 
Each struggling soul without a voice Saying “it will be all right” 
He spread his great hands far and wide Like a mighty tree 
To shelter his community Beneath his canopy 
And with a heart of oak He planted everything he knew 
And from his deep-formed roots Many precious acorns grew 
But of all his worth and all his deeds And for all his towering might 
I still hear those simple words “It will be all right” 
And I know it will be all right 
(Gary Miller) ©2019 Whippet Records Copyright Control MCPS/PRS
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